About the book

Your Choice

A humanist, ecological, and technological call to action.
Change today is happening faster than ever before. We are overwhelmed by new technologies and an excess of information, and we feel that we and what we used to think of as society are being suffocated. Those who drive this change pursue primarily two goals: profit and power. They lure us with clickbait and abuse us as a data pool, reducing our existence to one of human resource and consumer. In doing so they threaten our democracy, our diversity, even our humanity itself.

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About the author

Christopher Patrick Peterka 

Christopher Patrick Peterka (born 1978) is a futurist, an entrepreneur and an investor. As early as the year 2000 he had already founded a company for natural language interfaces for man/machine communications.

Besides managing his investments he coaches individuals and organisations globally on questions relating to the topics of innovation culture and future strategy. His particular interest is dedicated to the new rules in the economy and society of the Digital Modern era. 

 As an advisor, speaker and interview partner Peterka inspires, surprises and challenges. He reveals the tectonic shifts between ‘old and new world’ driven by what he calls “the great acceleration of data and tech”. A father of two and a cyborg, he strives for practical change by leveraging an entirely new thinking that implies teaching robots humaneness as well.

Today we are shaping the next hundred years. – Christopher Patrick Peterka